If you have read the info below and are ready to register click Proceed to Registration at the bottom of the page.

  • If your card is declined please check the billing address that bank has on file for that card. The most common reason a card is declined is because the billing address is different than the participant's address.


  • Please be aware that if you press the registration submit button multiple times (even if your card is being declined) your bank may hold funds from your account for 72 hours or more. We cannot control how long your bank holds those funds.

  • If you get a blank page after registering don't re-send the form; check your email for a confirmation of your registration. If you don't receive a confirmation email contact us at info@allhotshots.com or (916)253-5999 to verify that your registration did not go through before attempting to register again.


  • Refund Policy: Hotshots reserves the exclusive and sole right to consider, grant, or deny any refund requests. Any refunds granted that were requested before the late registration date will include a $15 Administrative Fee. After Skill Evaluations all refunds granted will include a $35 Administrative Fee. Once rosters have been made, no refunds will be given for any reason. Refunds will NOT be given for a player that did not get a coach, friend, or practice requested. We cannot guarantee these requests.


  • Registering Multiple Children: You will be able to register multiple children at the same time. The Sibling discount will be automatically taken off at time of registering.