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Practices and Games are held at

CourtSide Basketball Center in Rocklin.

Practices and Games can be anywhere from:
Monday through Friday 
Start times of 4:30 pm and on. Practice and games are for 1 hour.
This is what the season will look like: 

  • Week 1: Practice (2 practices a week)

  • Week 2: Games (2 games a week)

  • Week 3: Practice (Same as week 1)

  • Week 4: Games (2 Games a week)

  • Week 5: Practice (same as week1) Pictures are this week

  • Week 6: Games (2 games a week)

  • Week 7: Games (Playoffs and Championship games, Last games for Pre-K through 1st/2nd Grade Transitional)



Click here for more Winter Season infomation.

Winter 2024: (register in current grade)


Season Start: January 9, 2023
Early Registration: October 17, 2022

Regular Registration: October 24, 2022

Late Registration: November 11, 2022 (Late fee $20.00)

Winter season is TBA.

Click here for more Spring Season information.

Spring 2024: (register in current grade)

Registration is postponed until further notice.

Season Start: TBA

Regular Registration: TBA

Late Registration: TBA

Spring season is TBA.

Click here for more Summer Season information.

Summer 2023: (register in grade just completed)

Season Start: July 10, 2023

Early Registration: April 17, 2023

Regular Registration: April 24, 2023

Late Registration: May 26, 2023 (Late fee $20.00)

Summer season is cancelled.

Click here for more Fall Season information.

Fall 2023: (register in current grade)

Season Start: September 25, 2023

Early Registration: July 3, 2023

Regular Registration: July 10, 2023

Late Registration: August 18, 2023(late fee $20.00)

Fall season is TBA.

Registration Prices
(uniform price not included)

Non-Competitive &

Transitional Divisions:

(Pre-K through 2nd Grade)

Early Registration: $145

Regular Registration: $155

Late Registration: $175

Competitive Divisions:

(1st through 12th Grade)

Early Registration: $165

Regular Registration: $175

Late Registration: $195

League Details:


  • Each team has two, 1 hour long practice each week. Practices are held on week nights. Day/Time varies by team. Practices can be shared or full court based on age and space.


  • Non-Competitive & Transitional Divisions: 7 games a season


  • Competitive Divisions: Minimum of 7 games a season


  • Each player needs to wear a Hotshots uniform in order to play in games

  • Participants PreK through 6th grade receive an end of season award

  • Champions and second place in each division receive awards



  • Player requests for coaches, friends, teams, and practices are accepted but not guaranteed


  • Coach requests for rosters, practices, and games are accepted but not guaranteed


  • Teams are filled to 10 players


  • Skill Evaluation attendence required of all Competitive Division players

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