" We’ve been with Hotshots since December 2006. Now, a year and a half later, with 5 seasons under our belt, our two sons playing year round, and my husband coaching both teams, we are still very happy with the Hotshots league. Family is the number one priority in our lives and it is great being a part of an organization who shares the same family values and morals. The Hotshots staff are great, especially Jacob, Annie, and Doug. We’ve had the pleasure to get to know them and have a lot of respect for them and we see the good intentions that they have for their league. They are always so kind, helpful, and accommodating. We know that there are other leagues around but choose to stay with Hotshots and we plan on continuing as long as our boys want to play.  We’re happy to be a part of the Hotshots family/organization and will continue to support them just as they have continued to support us in the league. "


The Ohara Family
Summer of '08 


"I highly recommend Hotshots.  I have been known to throw a recommendation for Hotshots into any conversation with other moms when we are talking about our kids and the sports they are involved in.  Hotshots is well run and Jacob, Doug and Annie are friendly, knowledgeable and mindful of the kids and their enjoyment of the experience.  My son, Morgan, has been part of Hotshots since spring 2006.  He has learned a great deal as have his father and I.  Morgan has also attended several camps run by Hotshots and always enjoys them and comes away from them with more basketball knowledge and enthusiasm.  We have been so pleased with our experience with Hotshots that our younger son, Sean, started with the non-competitive teams three seasons ago.  Sean is also getting a kick out of this experience.  The non-competitive teams are a great way to start your player learning the basic skills needed to compete.  Hotshots has come to feel like part of our family."


Tammy Walser
Summer of '08