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Coaching with Hotshots Youth Basketball League


Click Here to Register to Coach
*For information about Sac Valley Elite please click here.



Space is limited, if we reach capacity before November 11th registration will be closed and no more rosters will be accepted. Please submit your roster as soon as possible.

​For the Winter 2023 Season all coaches need to register and have their rosters submitted by Novemer 11th. You may email your roster or any roster changes/updates to (If you have more than 10 players on your roster, please state this so we know that the extra player names are not an error.) We will not hold spots for any unregistered players included on rosters submitted on or after November 11th. These unregistered players will only be placed in the division if 1) they register online and 2) there is space in the division. If both requirements are met, then the players will be added back to the coach’s roster as registered players. If the players register and there is a waitlist the players will be placed on the waitlist and their spots on the roster will be filled by the first players on the waitlist.


Hotshots coaches are volunteers. Some coaches have been with us for many seasons, others are coaching with Hotshots for the first time or coaching in general for the first time. While the majority of our coaches are parents coaching the team of their child it is not necessary for you to be the parent of a player in the league or on your team to coach.


Coaches lead two practices a week and two games a week depending upon your team's game schedule. Coaches are the main contact between their team and the league. As a coach you are welcome to have someone help you (usually there are assistant coach or team parent volunteers on each team) to handle the flow of information between you and your team. For example: some teams choose to have a snack rotation. This is not required but if you choose to do so this is something that may be handled by a team parent to allow the coach to better focus on the development of the team.


In order to begin coaching with Hotshots you need to know the following:

  • Coaches need to register through this site (the registration includes a spot for you put the names of the player(s) on your roster. You can register by clicking here. (We do not pay our Hotshots coaches and you do not have to pay to register to coach)

  • Teams consist of ten players. If your roster does not have ten players we will add players to your team to bring it to ten players. If you want more than ten players on your team please notify us.

  • You do not need a roster of ten players, or a roster at all in order to coach. If you do not have a roster put "No Roster" in that section when registering.

  • If you do have players they each need to request you as their coach in the request section of their form.

  • Please make sure your players attend skill evaluations. This will not divide your team but will help us to place them in the appropriate skill division if we have multiple skill divisions within your grade division. (Skill evaluations do not apply to non-competitive teams.)

  • Once players enter 3rd grade the divisions are no longer co-gender; girls and boys have separate divisions. Please keep this in mind when submitting rosters for that grade level and above.

  • Submitting a roster will temporarily hold a spot in your division for your players even if they are not registered. Please remind your players to register. If they are having trouble registering for any reason they can contact us at (916)253-5999, 

  • While we do our best to give all registered coaches the opportunity to coach there are rare occasions when we have more coaches than teams. In these cases we will give priority to coaches with full rosters and possibly combine coaches together to co-coach. Again, this situation is rare. It is much more common that we are short coaches than having too many coaches.

  • We do take game requests and practice requests from coaches. These requests are not guaranteed but we will do our best to meet them.

  • If you are under 18 and wish to be involved in coaching please contact us at (916)253-5999, 


Once you are registered to coach for the season we may contact you with questions about your team. Generally you will first hear from us when we contact you to schedule your team's practice or when we send you your official team roster for the season. You will usually receive your team roster on the day before or day of the coach contact day for the season. Please contact your players the day you receive your roster, even if you receive it before the official coach contact day.


If you still have questions about coaching please contact us at (916)253-5999,


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