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Summer 2023

Online Registration Opens: April 17, 2023

Skill Evaluations: June 5th & 6th
Season Start: Week of July 10th

Championship Games: Week of August 21, 2023


Additional details below

Team Assignment Release Day: July 5th

You will receive an email with a team page link. You can find team information by logging into your online Hotshots account. If you have not received your team assignment July 7th, contact us at or (916) 253-5999.


Practices: Week of July 10, July 24, & July 31

Practices start the week of July 10th; your team page will have all practice details. Practices are twice a week and picked by the coach.

Practices are held on the same day, time, and location unless told otherwise by your coach.

Uniform Handouts: July 10th - July 14th 5:30pm-7:30pm

Uniforms, basketballs, and socks ordered at registration will be available for pickup on either of the below uniform handout nights.

Uniform handouts will be held at CourtSide (1104 Tinker Road, Rocklin)

Games: Start the week of ​July 17, 2023

July 12th: The full game schedule (except for playoffs and championship games) will be posted online. Games will be played Monday through Friday. There will be 2 games a week.

August 14th: Playoff games and championship games will be posted this week.

Pictures: PICTURE SCHEDULE Click here for Schedule

Location: CourtSide (1104 Tinker Road, Rocklin)


A week before pictures an email will be sent to all registered players and coaches with a link to the picture schedule. The schedule will also be posted online. There is no form to fill out before attending pictures day; everything will be done online or at pictures.​


Playoff Week/Championship Games: August 21st - 25th

All competitive division teams (1st/2nd Grade Competitive through High School Boys) will participate. Games will be played on WEEK NIGHTS. Pre-School/Kindergarten and Non/Comp will play their last game this week.

Online Registration:

Online registration will open on April 17, 2023.

How the season will run: 

Practice and games are 1 hour (4:30pm to 9pm start times)

Week 1: Practice (2 practices a week)

Week 2: Games (2 games a week)

Week 3: Practice (Same as week 1)

Week 4: Games (2 Games a week)

Week 5: Practice (Same as week 1)

Week 6: Games (2 games a week)

Week 7: Games (Playoffs and Championship games, Last games for Pre-K through 1st/2nd Grade Transitional)

Skill Evaluations:

Skill Evaluations help us make balanced, competitive teams and divisions. All competitive division players need to attend evaluations. This includes returning players and players that are registering with a team.


Depending on the size of your players division your child's evaluation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Over many years the Hotshots staff has tried numerous ways of running evaluations in an effort to reduce the amount of time they take. We have discovered that in taking the time to make sure our evaluations of each player are accurate has been the most helpful in making each team and division a success. Please come prepared for the time you and your player may spend at evaluations. We appreciate your help and patience in working to make the league the best it can be!


Skill Evaluations will be held at CourtSide

(located at 1104 Tinker Rd., Rocklin, 95765

PreK/Kinder and 1st/2nd transitional do not need to attend skill evaluations. Dates and time are below.


If you would like to coach a team, click here to register to coach.

Pre-School/Kindergarten: 9 Teams: 

​1st/2nd Grade Transitional: 8 Teams: 

1st/2nd Grade Competitive: 8 Teams: 

3rd/4th Grade Girls: 5 Teams: 
3rd/4th Grade Boys: 10 Teams: 

5th/6th Grade Girls: 3 Teams: 
5th/6th Grade Boys: 10 Teams: 

7th-9th Grade Girls: 

7th/8th Grade Boys: 6 Teams: 
High School Boys: 5 Teams: 

Once your child is placed on a team you will get an e-mail with a link to your team page.  You will be able to see the practice and games from your team page.

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